Les Enfants Terribles fantastic pics / As fantásticas fotos de Les Enfants Terribles

Some days ago, Nika Garrett, a London guide (check out her website!), shared on Twitter some pictures published on the Les Enfants Terribles website.

They show London – specially Soho – mainly in the 60s and 70s, and they are amazing!

  • Elas mostram Londres – especialmente o bairro do Soho – principalmente nos anos 60 e 70, e são incríveis!

I haven’t found out who is behind this lovely page. Anyway, it is worthy visiting it – I’ve been doing it a lot.

  • Não sei quem está por trás dessa adorável página. De qualquer forma, vale a pena visitá-la – tenho visitado bastante.

I’m publishing some of its pictures here – they are all taken from Les Enfant Terribles website. Enjoy it!

  • Publico aqui algumas de suas fotos – foram todas tiradas do site Les Enfant Terribles. Divirta-se!
22nd February 1926:  Old Compton Street in London's Soho.  (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

22nd February 1926: Old Compton Street in London’s Soho (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

A view down Dean Street, Soho, London, August 1955. (Photo by BIPS/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

A view down Dean Street, Soho, London, August 1955 (Photo by BIPS/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

1956 jiving in soho square

1956 Jiving in Soho Square

1960's Carnaby Street

1960’s Carnaby Street

1973 Tottenham Court Road

1973 Tottenham Court Road




London from the rooftops / Londres dos telhados

London from the Rooftops is an eight-year-old project by James Burns.

  • Londres dos Telhados é um projeto de oito anos de James Burns.

To document photos from London’s rooftops, he has spent a lot of time gaining access to some of its tallest office blocks and construction sites to get a view of the city that only a small few have seen.

  • Para documentar as fotos dos telhados de Londres, ele gasta tempo negociando acesso a alguns dos mais altos prédios comerciais e em construção para obter uma vista da cidade que poucos já viram.

Check out this selection published by the London Live TV channel. How not to love London?

  • Veja essa seleção publicada pelo canal de TV London Live. Como não amar Londres?


London Instagramers / Os Instagramers de Londres

@london Instagram / O Instagram da conta @london

@london Instagram / O Instagram da conta @london


In case you are not familiar with it, Instagram is a photography app that allows you to share your pics with friends and family, if your profile is locked, or with the world as a whole.

  • Caso você não esteja familiarizado, o Instagram é um aplicativo de fotografia que permite que você compartilhe suas fotos com amigos e familiares, se seu perfil for bloqueado, ou com o mundo inteiro.


You have to get an account to follow people using your smartphone, but you don’t need to have it if you just want to check profiles on browsers.

  • Você tem que ter uma conta para seguir as pessoas usando o seu smartphone, mas não precisa ter se quiser apenas verificar os perfis em navegadores da Internet.


I’ve decided to list my favourite London instragramers. These people make me happy on a daily basis, offering diverse images of my beloved city – sometimes colorful scenes, sometimes dark ones; basic and ordinary landscapes or very unknown places and people, it doesn’t matter.

  • Decidi listar meus instragramers favoritos de Londres. Essas pessoas me fazem feliz todos os dias, oferecendo diversas imagens da minha amada cidade – às vezes cenas coloridas, às vezes, escuras; paisagens básicas e comuns, ou lugares e pessoas desconhecidos, não importa.


@icreatelife_ Instagram / Página do perfil @icreatelife_

@icreatelife_ Instagram / Página do perfil @icreatelife_


The good thing is they deliver London for me in their very special, peculiar and personal ways, and I highly appreciate it! No special preferences here – they are listed following the alphabetical order!

  • O bom é que eles me entregam Londres em suas formas peculiares, pessoais e muito especiais, e eu agradeço muito por isso! Não há preferências aqui – eles são listados por ordem alfabética!


Oh – London has its own official Instagramers group, and you can know more about it at http://instagram.com/igerslondon.


@mattscutt account / Perfil de @mattscutt

@mattscutt account / Perfil de @mattscutt


My list:

  • Minha lista:



































History alive on the streets of London

Predictably, there are thousands of apps about London – if you want some reliable nominations, check the ‘Top 10 Free London Apps’ article by Visit London, the city’s official visitor guide.

But a few of them are as amazing and lovely as The Museum of London app, called Streetmuseum and available on Google Play and iTunes.

Firstly, let’s make things clear: I’m talking about the Museum of London, which is not the British Museum. Since I’ve seen Londoners making confusion between them, I thought it would be nice to specify. The London one tells the history of – guess what? – London (wow!), and it is close to St Paul’s tube station.

The app gives a unique perspective of old and new London, from the Great Fire of 1666 to the swinging sixties.

There are two ways of using it: once you select a destination from the map, a historical image of the location appears onscreen, with historical information. You do not have to be in London to use it. The pictures are splendid!

information 2

Being in London, you can use the app’s augmented reality mode, which identifies your location and overlays the historic image over the current camera view. Just hold your camera up to the street scene and see the same location in the past. By tapping the information button, you get historical facts. Jaw dropping!

carnaby st

Streetmuseum is not brand new; it has been updated with over 100 new locations and images, dating as far as back as 1868. Also, its locations have been expanded to outer boroughs as Richmond, Brent Cross and Ealing.

To promote it, the museum has released historic pictures of London juxtaposed with modern ones. It is magical to see how a city can change so much and so little!

Duncannon Street, Westminster, 1902. The street was decorated for the coronation ceremony of Edward VII

Duncannon Street, Westminster, 1902. The street was decorated for the coronation ceremony of Edward VII


Palace Theatre in 1958. Photographer: Bob Collins

Palace Theatre in 1958. Photographer: Bob Collins


Gloucester Road Station under construction in the late 1860. Photo by Henry Flather

Gloucester Road Station under construction in the late 1860. Photo by Henry Flather


A scene of Oxford Street in 1905 by Christina Broom

A scene of Oxford Street in 1905 by Christina Broom

From up above

It is very easy to take marvellous pictures of London. The city itself does the main job: its buildings are beautiful, its lightning is charming, its people are dynamic, crazy, different or are just pretty simple, trying to live a regular life in a startling capital.

So, when someone makes it in a different way, we certainly have to take a look at it. That is why Przemek Wajerowicz’s initiative is worthwhile: he decided to take pictures from the upper decks of all London buses. He started in 2005, when he first arrived in  town, and has completed 162 routes so far. A selection of 16 pictures has just become the postcard book From the Upper Deck.

from the upper deck 1

In the beginning, it was just an hobby to kill time when he was stuck in traffic jams. Then, he realised that this vantage position gave an opportunity to catch flashes of the city’s ordinary (or not so much) people. He started a blog, where images have been uploaded frequently, and everyone can follow his project. All photos are taken with a fixed 50mm lens.

The book has a limited edition of 500 copies, can be bought online and is delivered to hundreds of countries.

This project has reminded me of two other blogs. One is called A Bus Stop, by Amanda Jones, who has been taking photographs of the bus stop across the window from her flat in Bethnal Green. In her own words, it is “what I see whilst having breakfast. Nearly every day”. The other one is London Buses: One Bus at a Time, by Linda, Mary and Jo, who decided to travel every London bus route from end to end. Why? “Ask anyone who has explained why they climbed Everest”, they argue. Good point.

Moral of the story is that buses and photographs do match in London!

Real Life Instagram


Screenshots of
Bruno Ribeiro’s Tumblr

tumblr_mrixsk963i1scyw7so1_500Firstly: for those who do not use it, Instagram is a mobile app that allows you to post pictures with different filters. Do you know that photo with a charming atmosphere of aging that you see around from time to time? There you go.

Brazilian Bruno Ribeiro, who lives in London, had an intriguing idea to offer in the offline world the experience Instagram offers online. He created filters using cellophane framed by cardboard and has hung them in strategic points of the city.

The idea is to look at a given landscape using the filter and therefore have the imaging experience provided by Instagram.

Who uses the app is invited to post a picture utilizing the physical filter and the hashtag #reallifeinstagram. The simple and creative invention has rendered Bruno stories on several local publications.

He posts all inserts on his blog and, yes, he is on Instagram.