Who wants a website with the .london domain? I do!

Last year, London & Partners, the official promotional organisation for London, with the support of the Mayor of London secured the new .london domain in a deal with ICANN, the global internet body.

The domain names go on sale on April 29. Yes, from that day on, we’ll find web addresses such as http://www.selfridges.london or http://www.museum.london. Amazing, don’t you think?

London will be one of the first cities in the world to launch its own domain. According to the official media, businesses, organisations and individuals will be able to register domains ending in .london in order to maximise their internet presence.

Dot London 1

For the first three months, they will give priority to the ones placed in London as it should be. During this period, anybody with an interest in the town can apply for a .london domain name. They explain the allocation of names will depend on the priority ranking.

London & Partners has disclosed that thousands of businesses have expressed an interest in it. In February, a YouGov survey of small businesses in London found out that more than one in four was likely to register for a .london web address.

Policies for being eligible for a .london domain are:

• What domain names can be registered
• The terms and conditions domain users must abide by
• Rules for acceptable use – complaint policies and procedures
• Privacy and data protection

Just wondering… Is “loving London so much that it hurts” a strong enough reason to get a .london domain?

I’ll stay here, dreaming about http://www.LillyLoves.London!

London numbers

According to London & Partners, the town is home to:

• 800,000 businesses, from global brands to local services
• more than 8m residents
• 4.2m workers
• 50,000 community and voluntary organizations


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