A fresh market for the pioneering Lower Marsh St

Lower Marsh is one of London’s oldest market streets, full of shops and stalls and extremely easy to get: it is a five-minute walk from Waterloo tube station, and an eight-minute from the London Eye.

From March 1st, it will hold the new Lower Marsh Saturday Market, from 10am to 3pm. It is a initiative by Waterloo Quarter BID (Business Improvement District), an organization comprised of local businesses to boost the area, economically and culturally.

They are promising the market will provide “an exciting variety of stalls selling fresh and quality produce and specialty ingredients”. It is expected to sell biodynamic fruit and vegetable, meat, charcuteries, bread, cake and desserts. To celebrate the latest market, independent local shops will offer promotions, festive menus and tastings.

In fact, recession has hit the street recently. Last year, it is known some shops, as a restaurant and a bookshop, closed down. BID seems to be working hard to negotiate with popular and good quality brands, in order to bring distinguished products to the market and make people spend time and money around there. The idea is to attract London’s best produce traders.

Lower Marsh 2

A little bit of history

The plate at the beginning of Lower Marsh says:

“So named because it lies on the site of the ancient Lambeth Marsh which first appeared in historical records in 1377. This historic street has operated as a street market and centre for local shopping since the mid-nineteenth century. In 1984 Lambeth council designated Lower Marsh and its immediate surroundings a conservation area in recognition of its special character.”

The www.lower-marsh.co.uk website says the street pre-dates all the buildings now present. In 1690, it was a lane lined with cottages; it helped to characterize south bank as a leisure area in the early 19th century; the opening of Waterloo Bridge (1817) brought development, expansion and, later, wharves and shops.


  • The Lower Marsh Saturday Market is on Twitter and Facebook. You can also read news about Waterloo on www.WeAreWaterloo.co.uk, a community website financed by local businesses and written and photographed by a group of Waterloo enthusiasts. Sign up to their newsletter and grab a free coffee at Greensmiths!

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