From up above

It is very easy to take marvellous pictures of London. The city itself does the main job: its buildings are beautiful, its lightning is charming, its people are dynamic, crazy, different or are just pretty simple, trying to live a regular life in a startling capital.

So, when someone makes it in a different way, we certainly have to take a look at it. That is why Przemek Wajerowicz’s initiative is worthwhile: he decided to take pictures from the upper decks of all London buses. He started in 2005, when he first arrived in  town, and has completed 162 routes so far. A selection of 16 pictures has just become the postcard book From the Upper Deck.

from the upper deck 1

In the beginning, it was just an hobby to kill time when he was stuck in traffic jams. Then, he realised that this vantage position gave an opportunity to catch flashes of the city’s ordinary (or not so much) people. He started a blog, where images have been uploaded frequently, and everyone can follow his project. All photos are taken with a fixed 50mm lens.

The book has a limited edition of 500 copies, can be bought online and is delivered to hundreds of countries.

This project has reminded me of two other blogs. One is called A Bus Stop, by Amanda Jones, who has been taking photographs of the bus stop across the window from her flat in Bethnal Green. In her own words, it is “what I see whilst having breakfast. Nearly every day”. The other one is London Buses: One Bus at a Time, by Linda, Mary and Jo, who decided to travel every London bus route from end to end. Why? “Ask anyone who has explained why they climbed Everest”, they argue. Good point.

Moral of the story is that buses and photographs do match in London!


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