Different ways of having your coffee

You enter a coffee shop, order your drink, pay for it and leave. Is it enough? Not anymore.

Recently, London has presented at least two different and nice ways of having you beloved coffee.

Spacious room at Ziferblat coffee shop

Spacious room at Ziferblat coffee shop

The first idea was born in Naples, Italy, and it is called Suspended Coffee: you place your order and request a second drink for someone who can’t pay for it. The goal is to help homeless people and also the ones who lost their jobs and are broken – a good one for the modern times, especially in European countries where the winter is serious stuff.

But it is based on good faith: anyone can enter the shop and ask for a “suspended coffee”, without having to prove his/her financial conditions. Everybody hopes only the ones who really need it will order it. You can find more information and participating cafés on their Facebook page.

The second idea came from Russia: you make your order, have it and pay, not for the items, but for the time you spent at the café – 3 p per minute or £1,80 per hour. This is the concept of Ziferblat, and its first UK branch has opened on 388 Old Street this month.

Besides tea or coffee, you can choose from biscuits, fruit and vegetables and you can prepare your own food in the kitchen. Coffee is available from the professional machine, but if you prefer to being served, there is someone who can make it for you.

They hope that you and your friends get relaxed: in the spacious room, there are books, a piano and a record player for you to spend the time – literally spend it! But it really seems worthy!


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