A huge miniature of Central London

In the summer of 2016, a new landmark will be open to the public: Little London, a £25 million scale model, featuring the sights from Buckingham Palace to the London Eye.

Created at a 1:150 scale (meaning each 1cm represents 150cm) by a team of Hollywood effects specialists, it will be a theme park with a moving, interactive model.

Aerial design of the model / Credit: “Little London, the greatest model city on Earth”

Aerial design of the model / Credit: “Little London, the greatest model city on Earth”

There will be moving buses, taxis, trains and boats, a watery Thames, working lights and characters illustrating stories of London’s past and present. The Shard, the tallest building in Western Europe with 310m, will be represented by a 2,4m tall model.

Immersive zones will focus on aspects of London life: Royal London, Sporting London and Underground London, among others. Each zone will feature interactive scale models of iconic buildings, with games and simulators for all age groups.

According to the private investors, people will experience a combination of magical entertainment with education and discovery. They believe it will attract 1.4m visitors each year.

Founders Matt Crofton and Tim Allnutt are in advanced-stage fundraising for the total cost, and they expect to deliver investor returns within five years of the attraction opening. Whoever is interested in investing should contact them.

The model will occupy 2,300 square metres, or the entire ground floor at One Tower Bridge, a fancy mixed-use development comprising nine blocks in the south bank of Thames, expected to be completed in 2016.

Its location is especially ideal to call tourists – just off Tower Bridge, one of the most famous icons of London.



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