Two events not to be missed

Harry Benson: 50 Years Behind the Lens is an exhibition to celebrate his five decades or portrait and photojournalism.

There will be over 90 images displayed, from the early sixties to the present day. Benson has photographed The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kate Moss, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Al Pacino and Amy Winehouse, to quote a few.

It will run at Mallett Antiques, in Mayfair, from 4 – 15 February 2014.

Monty-Python-monty-python-40973_1600_1200The next event takes place only in summer 2014, but you have to move yourself now if you want to be there: British surreal comedy group Monty Python is back!

After 40 years of their last performance, they announced a reunion:

  • One night at the O2 Arena: 20,000 tickets were sold in 43 SECONDS!
  • Four extra nights at the O2: everything sold out in less than one hour.
  • Five additional dates at the O2: tickets will go on sale next Friday, 10am. Be prepared and be fast!

John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and Terry Jones will be on the stage in July 2014. Graham Chapman, the sixth Python, died in 1989, and they don’t miss the chance to make fun of the fact they are still alive: Monty Python Live (mostly!) – one down, five to go!

Too young to know who the hell Monty Python is? Hurry up, you’re missing a lot!



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