Real Life Instagram


Screenshots of
Bruno Ribeiro’s Tumblr

tumblr_mrixsk963i1scyw7so1_500Firstly: for those who do not use it, Instagram is a mobile app that allows you to post pictures with different filters. Do you know that photo with a charming atmosphere of aging that you see around from time to time? There you go.

Brazilian Bruno Ribeiro, who lives in London, had an intriguing idea to offer in the offline world the experience Instagram offers online. He created filters using cellophane framed by cardboard and has hung them in strategic points of the city.

The idea is to look at a given landscape using the filter and therefore have the imaging experience provided by Instagram.

Who uses the app is invited to post a picture utilizing the physical filter and the hashtag #reallifeinstagram. The simple and creative invention has rendered Bruno stories on several local publications.

He posts all inserts on his blog and, yes, he is on Instagram.



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